Server Management

Server with a different company? No Worries, Get ServerSavior Management!

 Server Management

Have a server, but don't know how to use it? ServerSavior now offers a service that allows us to manage your server for you even if its not with our company.
Don't like our prices? That does not matter, whether your server is with another company or ours we will treat you the same and take care of your server.


With our server management you have NO Troubleshooting Fees. We manage your server from start to finish and any problems in between.

Support Center

Your tickets are automatically marked, HIGH PRIORITY so that you receive the quickest support possible.


24/7 Network monitoring ensures that you are never left in the dark. We set up large displays in our Datacenter so the technicians can monitor your servers' activity.

With high awareness and a rapid response we ensure the highest server up times.

 Server Management Pricing

1-4 servers $49.95 /month
5-9 servers $69.95 /month
10-15 servers $99.95 /month
15-25 servers $129.95 /month
if you need more than 25 servers please contact us

Premium Support

Often companies will take
hours to reply and then tell
you something completely wrong. We dont waste your time.
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