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ServerSavior houses servers in Los Angeles premiere datacenter. With a space of more than 45,000 square feet dedicated to ServerSavior's Dedicated Servers, Colocation, and Technical Support. This makes it one of the largest privately owned providers in California. 530 W 6th Street is the Corporate Headquarters of ServerSavior making it an ideal location for high connectivity with the One Wilshire Building.

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 Datacenter Infastructure Features

  • Capacity for over 15,000 dedicated servers
  • Each datacenter suite equipped with 2 x 150KvA UPS Battery Backup Units
  • Each datacenter suite cooled by multiple Liebert and APC CRAC's
  • 1200Amps 480v 3phase Input Power per suite
  • All suites backed by 3 x 2000Kw Caterpillar Generators
  • Every suite secured by keycard authorized entry
  • Direct access via conduit to 1 Wilshire Meet-Me-Room

 Network Backbones

  • nLayer -- Transit -- 2 x 10Gbps
  • Tiscali -- Transit -- 2 x 10Gbps
  • PCCW/BTN -- Transit -- 1 x 10Gbps
  • Equinix LAIIX -- Peering -- 1 x 10Gbps
  • Any2Exchange -- Peering - 1 x 10Gbps
  • -- Peering -- 2 x 10Gbps
  • HiNet Taiwan -- Peering -- 1 x 10Gbps
  • ChinaUnicom via Xeex -- Peering -- 1x 10Gbps
  • Plus hundreds of additional private peers

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