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100% Uptime Guaranteed, On-Demand KVM, Prime West Coast Network

100% Green Organic Servers

Server Savior works with the enviroment while providing premum services. Our datacenter is powered by 100% green energy and our goal is to take it a step further. Have no guilt with our servers!

Houston Dedicated Servers

Server HDD Bandwidth RAM Price
Intel Xeon E3-1241v3 @ 3.5ghz 500 GB 10TB 8 GB
Intel Xeon E3-1241v3 @ 3.5ghz 500 GB 10TB 16 GB
Intel Xeon E3-1241v3 @ 3.5ghz 500 GB SSD 10 TB 16 GB
VPS cPanel/WHM $11.50 per month
cPanel/WHM $26.00 per month
Direct Admin $15.00 per month
Plesk: 10 Domains $15.00 per month
Plesk: 100 Domains $35.00 per month
Plesk: Unlimited Domains $55.00 per month
Additional IP's  
1 Additional IP $2.00 /mo
/29 - 5 Usable IPv4 $9.50 /mo
/28 - 13 Usable IPv4 $23.40 /mo
/27 - 29 Usable IPv4 $49.30 /mo
/26 - 61 Usable IPv4 $97.60 /mo
/25 - 125 Usable IPv4 $192.00 /mo
/24 - 251 Usable IPv4 $355.60 /mo


Premium Support 24x7x365 Days

Many people do not understand the difference between the different support levels that are offered by our competition, and we don't like having questions unanswered.

Premium support means that we will answer your question and give you every detail the first time. We understand you need the answers that help you take action. Often companies will take hours to reply and then tell you something completely wrong. We dont waste your time.

Rescue System

Complicated rescue systems? We do not believe in complicated systems to get your server back under control if it's lost.

With a dedicated team we fix any issue that arises. This is one of our value added features with an unmanaged server. Any time you lose your password or fail to gain access, our technicians are standing by to assist you.

Free Control Panel

Trying to save a little more? When you order our managed server upgrade a free control panel is included.

With a managed server we provide a free control panel of your choice. This panel will be provided for as long as you have the managed server upgrade.

Knowledgebase Articles

Trying to learn? We understand that many people purchase servers to build new products and learn about servers.

With our database of knowledgebase articles growing everyday this makes it a great place to come and learn. Whether you pay for a server or just want to register an account you will always have access to our knowledgebase articles.

100% Uptime Guaranteed

No Downtime? We understand how important it is for your server to be available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is why we promise 100% uptime!

Normally 100% uptime isn't possible due to power outages and network issues. We still make our 100% uptime guarantee because we want you to have faith in our services. If we cannot provide that uptime we will refund you for the downtime. We are confident in our services, why shouldn't you be?

Fast Server Setup

Need your server in a hurry? When you choose ServerSavior, we ensure that you get your server just in time, exactly how you want it.

With dedicated technicians working 24/7 on installing servers we are able to provision servers in a timely manner. Many companies do automatic installs of their operating systems and sometimes they drag on and cause issues down the road. Our technicians do manual installs to ensure that your server is functioning 100% appropriately.

Energy Efficient Servers

Global Warming? Do you have a heavy heart for what is happening to our planet every day by the misuse of equipment?

Here at ServerSavior we like to make sure we are helping the planet instead of hurting it. We continue to implement power saving servers, light fixtures, air conditioners, and more. As we continue to grow we will add new features such as solar panels and wind turbines.

Premium Support

Often companies will take
hours to reply and then tell
you something completely wrong. We get it right the first time!
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Uptime Guaranteed

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I ordered a server with serversavior and i got it online with the OS i chose in less than 12 hours. Really fast installation and a great support team!

Peter K.

I've been with many companies before. Serversavior was a new one for me and i am here to stay. I have 10 servers with them and had zero downtime for the past 3months. I highly recommend serversavior.

Alexender P.