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 Mission Statement

ServerSavior.com is dedicated to providing premium Cloud Computing services and customer support at an affordable price.

 Our History

Server Savior was an idea created by Randal Burns and Patrick Hall in the middle of Afghanistan with the US Army. ServerSavior was originally an all Veteran ownership team made up of former Soldiers specializing in the IT field. The company was originally based in California which is a prime location worldwide allowing for fast connections to international customers as well as American customers.

In February of 2013 ServerSavior.com and it's assets were acquired by Root Level Technology, LLC. and Randal Burns was hired on as a senior systems administrator. Randal is still responsible for the day to day operations of ServerSavior.com as well as other Root Level Technology projects. Root Level Technology, LLC. is a technology based holding company leveraging its assets to hold a unique position in the industry as an inovator and service provider.

Server Savior has been a work in progress for over two years with the primary focus of providing the best products at a price that meets your server needs.

 Our Company

Root Level Technology, LLC is located in Houston, Texas. We are a technology based holding company focused in cloud computing VPS hosting, Shared hosting and email hosting.

Our success is due to the customer satisfaction levels. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

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